Serifos, the Iron Island of Greece

Serifos is an impressive Cycladic island with high mountains and beautiful beaches. associated with two of the greatest heroes of mythology, Odysseus, The Cunning Hero Of The Trojan War and Perseus, The Legendary Slayer of Medusa.

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Serifos, The Island of the Cyclopes

According to Greek mythology, the island of Serifos, “the iron island” as it was called, was first inhabited by powerful and huge Cyclopes, One-Eyed Giant Monsters.

The Cyclopes lived in the island’s caves and were the first to take advantage of the island’s mineral wealth, creating an early culture that they later passed on to humans. It is said that the Cyclopes built some of the most important monuments on the island.

Serifos and Perseus

According to another legend, Serifos was also the island where the wooden chest was located in which King Acrisius had locked up his daughter Danae, The Mother Of Perseus with her infant son Perseus. Perseus grew up in the palace of Diktys, the king of Serifos. When he grew up, the king persuaded him to bring him the head of Medusa, a monster that turned people to stone with its gaze. Perseus succeeded with the help of the gods and returned to the island. It is said that the high mountains of Serifos got their shape from Medusa’s terrifying gaze.

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