Location of Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia is an archaeological site in the Peloponnese, in southern Greece. The district is surrounded by the river Alphios and the river Kladeos, which flows into the river Alphios.

The archaeological site of Ancient Olympia was discovered during excavations that began in 1829 and lasted for several decades.

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The Olympic Games

According to tradition, the first participants in the Olympic Games were the Greek gods themselves! Zeus defeated Cronus in a fight, Apollo outclassed Hermes, God of All Trades and defeated Ares, the god of war in boxing.

Ancient Olympia was a sacred place for the ancient Greeks. There they worshipped Zeus and held the Olympic Games in his honor. The Olympic Games date back to 776 BC and were held every four years.

The Gold and Ivory Statue of Zeus

Also at Olympia was the gold and ivory statue of Zeus, The Supreme God, a work of art created around 432 BC by the great sculptor Phidias.

The sanctuary of Zeus was located in Altis, a small grove that stretched around the lush green hills of Olympia.

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