Anafi: The Island of the Argonauts

Anafi is a small island of the Cyclades, situated to the east of the famous island of Santorini.

According to ancient Greek mythology, the Argonauts, on their way back from Colchis, The Enchanted Land of the Golden Fleece to their homeland, were caught in a storm in the middle of the night and were adrift at sea.

Zde, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Shipwrecked, the Argonauts began desperately pleading with the god Apollo to save them. Apollo, hearing their cries, cast light in the form of lightning bolts upon the sea, and the Argonauts saw an entire island looming before them for them to reach.

Once there, the Argonauts erected an altar in honor of Apollo “Aiglites” (= the shining one) and named the island Anafi (from the verb “anafeno”: to show).

Featured Image Credit: Zde, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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